Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The morning ritual

This post feels eerily familiar from summer last year and our lazy mornings, except this time Charlie's in the picture. This is truly one of my favorite parts of our day.

When Charlie first came home, he wanted nothing to do with "lounging around" in bed in the mornings. He just wanted to move and explore. It was very reminiscent to Daniel's transition into our routine. Now we have a much different story. It is clear that Charlie now looks forward to being plopped into our bed with Madi and me. Daddy faithfully brings sippy cups of juice and some sort of junky pre-breakfast snack (note can of Pringles pictured).

Our ritual buys us approximately half an hour of quality cuddling time while watching our favorite show, Arthur, and maybe a little Curious George if we are feeling really lazy. The downside is that our crumb-laden bed feels more like a sandbox every night, but nothing that can't be swept away. These mornings are priceless. Bring on the junk...


Amy said...

Love it!! I wish we had something like this! Milo is up at precisely 6:30 am every.single.morning. Xandra might "sleep in" until 6:45 if we're lucky. Then we're off & running. Apparently, only the parents are eager for sleep... :(

Serving the King said...

Hey there, it's taken me DAYS to be able to respond to your comment about our Joshua. Gracious. It got me choked up and ugly crying everytime I would even begin to think about your precious son. Thank you for sharing with me, I'm off to backtrack on your blog and I have my tissues right next to me.