Friday, July 1, 2011

The Silver Lining

I happily report that I've been off my crutches for over a week now. Once I began therapy and received clearance to "test my limits", I really haven't needed them.  Boy oh boy, am I thankful to be back in action doing the simple things again like laundry, grocery shopping, and well...holding my baby boy!!!

Which reminds me to mention, before this whole episode happened, Charlie would always cry when I'd put him down for his nap or at night. He didn't cry for long, but he always cried. Then, the injury. I couldn't pick him up. I couldn't hold him. Torture for a mom.  I relied on Jimmy, when he was around, and our Godsend little neighbor, Maia, who started babysitting for us. The first time I really put him down to bed again was last weekend in Tampa. He cried, but I think it was likely more because of unfamiliar surroundings. When we came home from our trip, something miraculous happened. He didn't make a peep when I put him down...and he hasn't since. My theories? (a) He knows he's home and he's glad to be here. (b) He's happy that Mommy can hold him again, so he's not going to complain.

Now, about my healing...I love physical therapy. It's my new spa! I have my own personal trainer, Kristina, to lead my exercises and stretches to help get my knee back where it was (or better, maybe). She massages my knee for a while, followed by an ice pack, electrical stimulation, and a good magazine. I could seriously fall asleep if I could stop socializing long enough to do so.  Did I mention how much I love my physical therapy?  It is truly the most relaxing "Mommy time" of my week. I am considering another injury (just kidding). Oh, how the Lord works in mysterious ways...

So...the final bonus (that comes to mind) is that I headed back to the YMCA. Sad that it took my injury to get me back there, but I repeat...the Lord works in mysterious ways!  My therapist recommended time on a stationery bike, which they have an ample supply of at the Y. I hadn't worked out there for almost a year as I always opted to walk outside after losing Daniel. The outdoors seems to make me feel connected to him.

I was also hesitant to put Charlie in the baby room. Madi absolutely loathed the baby room when she was little, so I had mentally written it off, at least until the fall when Madi's in school. Wouldn't ya know, Charlie loves it!  We had initially planned for Madi to go in with him to help her little brother, but they wouldn't allow her in because of her age, so she goes into the Kid's Club, where they play games, do arts and crafts. I am calling it her "camp". She's having more of an adjustment than Charlie, but so far, so good. I know she'll love it once she gets used to it. I love that we suddenly have a great back-up plan for those summer days when nothing materializes with friends or activities.

Turns out that my knee injury hasn't been so bad after all. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a new perspective!

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Biba said...

You're making me feel bad for walking out on my Orthopedic therapist now.:-)