Thursday, July 14, 2011

Box Baby

Charlie has a new-found obsession with itty bitty spaces.

Last week, Jimmy introduced him to a Huggies diaper box.
He complains until we pick him up and stick him in there. 
It makes a great little vehicle.
I actually fed him breakfast in his box the other morning.
Last night, the box tipped over, and he bumped his head.
The Huggies box has now been removed from the house.

The other night, at our friends house,
Charlie was introduced to a small laundry basket.
He loved that too.
The girls pushed him around and made a nice, cozy habitat for him.
Honestly, I think he would have slept there.

For the past few days, he's been crying out for the clothes hamper.
It is a taller space with a top on it. 
Kinda like a large bird cage. 

Not quite sure what this new obsession is all about.
Don't really care. It's working for him.
It's keeping him happy and comfortable.
That keeps us happy and comfortable too.

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