Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Months Home


Somebody pinch me. Have we really been home with Charlie for three months?  It seems like yesterday, yet it seems like an eternity!  All at the same time.

It's been a while since I dedicated a post to this little bugger, who by the way, has discovered his nostrils. It is not uncommon for me to peek in the back seat of the van to find him with his pointer finger resting comfortably up his nose. It is all I can do not to laugh just because of the look on his face as if he's discovered gold. He studies my expression to figure out if this behavior is acceptable. Instead I give him a disapproving shake of my head and a stern "No, no, no, no!" Madi gets a kick out of it too. We just shake our heads, and she'll say, "He's such a boy."  We also chuckle and remark that Daniel would have never done such a thing. It just wasn't his way.

We took Charlie to the doctor about two weeks ago for his well visit. He grew another full inch and gained almost another pound. That outie belly button we met back in Shanghai is long gone. He is getting to be quite the chunky monkey, and we are loving every little cushion and roll.  Quite smoochable, he is.

Charlie's still missing a couple teeth, so drool is still a part of our everyday life but not as much as it used to be. He's getting around on his feet quite good now, though he routinely forgets to look down and ends up falling over things. I guess he'll learn that one in time after a few bumps and bruises.

He's not talking yet, but he's very verbal. That's the most difficult issue for us right now. It is very tough (and frustrating) to try decipher the meaning of each grunt and groan.  It can be slightly extremely irritating as these grunts and groans escalate. He wants to be heard just like the rest of us in the family (Jimmy excluded), so he'll make sure it happens, especially in the midst of a conversation! We take solace in knowing it's only temporary (the grunting and groaning, that is).

Charlie loves swimming!  He's a total little fishy, another major difference between him and his big brother. In fact, he's one that we worry about because he has no fear. Swim lessons are definitely in his near future. He opens his eyes underwater and his mouth is wide open too. He kinda resembles a grouper. He inevitably swallows a gallon of water every time we swim, so we've come to expect that it will show up in his 2 pound diaper the same day.

Madi and Charlie are the sweetest of siblings. Last night we went to dinner as a family to celebrate our togetherness. Madi basically fed him, because he wanted only exactly what she had, down to the styrofoam drink cup.  When we got home, I threw them both in the tub. As Madi hugged her little brother, she began softly singing, "I love you, Daniel" over and over. Not that she thought Charlie was Daniel, but it was as if she were thanking Daniel and acknowledging her love for him as she physically was able to hug and hold Charlie. It was touching to say the least.

What a blessing Charlie has been to our family, so far. He gives us a run for our money sometimes, but we'll take it. We thank God for it.


Biba said...

You have been thrice-blessed :-)

Amy said...

You brought tears to my eyes with your story of Madi. What an incredible big sister! I've said it before- you have an amazing family!

I feel your pain on the grunting & groaning! Though MIlo is saying a couple words, his main form of communication is grunts & shrieks. God forbid we don't figure out if he's hungry within 30 seconds of his grunting!! ;)

Val D. said...

Such sweet siblings, Lisa. You are so blessed! Sounds like you are enjoying every minute.....