Monday, July 11, 2011

New Smyrna


We took another little road trip this weekend. We headed up to New Smyrna Beach to visit Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick. We had a great time, but the ride up was...well, let's just say...pretty rocky. Charlie began to wail incessantly just as we drove into a torrential Florida-style downpour. If you've ever done this before, then you know just how frightening it can be in total silence, never mind with a two-year old screaming his little head off!  I thought Jimmy was going to lose it. Madi and I attempted to console Charlie by handing him anything and everything that was within our reach. We struck out every time. Then, as timing would have it, Madi announced that she needed to go potty...badly. We tried the first available exit in search of the fast food stops listed on the highway sign and somehow found nothing after a few miles. The rain seemed to be getting even worse in this direction, so we decided to turn around and try another exit. Poor Madi. Thank God, we had better luck at the next exit and found a Burger King.


We also got some things to nibble on figuring that might calm the kids (and the situation.) When Madi and I got back in the car, Jimmy immediately warned me not to pick up the napkin sitting on the drink console. Naturally, that's the first thing I did (I swear I did not hear his warning. He claims I was too busy testing the fries out of each bag.) Garbanzo beans spilled everywhere. Whose crazy idea was it to bring Madi a cup of garbanzo beans as a snack on a road trip anyway? Mother of the year...

There was nothing to do but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Slowly, things improved. Bellies were full. Bladders were empty, the rain began to stop, and I tediously picked up every garbanzo bean in the van. We were very relieved when we arrived at Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick's house. Charlie was like a new kid. He giggled and smiled at everything as he took in our new surroundings. He was nothing short of psyched to be out of that van! We all were, actually!

I had given Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick a complete disclaimer of Charlie's current tendencies and his ability to deconstruct a home in record time. This was a huge concern for us. They graciously had removed all breakables from Charlie's reach at our request and consoled our concerns by telling us that they only wanted us saying "No" to Charlie if he was in danger of hurting himself. They were all smiles as Charlie dispersed his toys all over their house. They even opened up their Tupperware cabinet to him. Now that's what I call hospitality:)

Uncle Rick might just be the most meticulous person we know. We had a joke that I wanted to bring some sidewalk chalk for the kids since they have this humongous driveway that would make a perfect canvas. Jimmy chuckled at the idea, knowing Uncle Rick. I shared our joke with Aunt Diane earlier in the week. Well guess what was waiting for us when we got there?  A mammoth carton of the best sidewalk chalk out there...purchased by Uncle Rick! Apparently, anything goes when it comes to these kids:)

One of the many highlights of our trip was heading to the beach to see the space shuttle lift off.  It was Charlie's first trip to the beach. Sad, I know...we live ten minutes from the beach and have to drive 3 1/2 hours away to get him there. What can I say--life gets in the way sometimes!  Charlie wasn't really crazy about the water or sand at first, but after a while of digging in, he started loving it. We are headed for our annual weekend in Marco Island soon, and this was the perfect 'intro' to the beach for him!

Seeing the space shuttle was pretty awesome, to say the least. I'm sure you all felt the same nostalgic feeling we did while watching. It was incredible to witness such an historical moment, especially so close up.  

Aunt Diane called saying that Madi forgot something in New Smyrna. What did she forget?  Her invitation to come back anytime with her little brother:)  Oh, we'll be back alright...


Biba said...

So glad your trip was so great. Madi and Charlie certainly look delighted.

Barb and Ken said...

You have a great aunt and uncle there!!
Nana to five