Friday, June 17, 2011

No surgery!

Music to my ears, for sure, as I am not a big fan of medical procedures. Period.

I did tear my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). I did tear my Meniscus. I also sprained the Fibular Collateral Ligament and the MCL. I still have trouble believing that I managed to do so much damage from that silly obstacle course at Bible Camp. I am wondering if maybe some damage had already been done to my knee in the past.

Anyway, I've escaped surgery since I am not an "athlete" nor do I compete athletically. I'll just be happy if I can take walks, swim, bike and take some classes at the Y again.

I start rehabilitation next week, and I'll be on crutches for at least another week. The crazy part, to me, is that I am virtually pain free and the doctor seemed impressed with my range of motion. This keeps me hopeful that my knee will heal quickly. 

Thank you, Lord!!!


Amy said...

YEA!!! Congrats on no surgery!! That's wonderful news!! Good luck with rehab & I hope you heal very quickly!!

C said...

prayers!! So relieved you don't need surgery I will tell Doug because he keeps asking me what your doctor said.

Biba said...

I do self-therapy. I get out of bed in the morning looking for somewhere to sit down :-)

Jennifer and Greg said...

Oh my goodness. So sorry you are hurt but glad you do not need surgery.
Enjoy the extra TLC right now. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

So very glad to hear your recovery plan doesn't involve surgery. Let us know if you need anything. Amy Sexton

Mo said...

Thank God, it will heal itself. I can't believe you did SOOOO much damage Frog? Holy cow! That was some Bible Camp fall :) WOWza