Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating 45

My birthday celebration included a little "girl time" this weekend. Madi and I took an overnight trip to Disney with friends on Thursday. The plan had been in the works since last Summer when the girls graduated from preschool together.

Three moms.
Three girls.
Loads of fun.

The first highlight of the trip was, of course, the swimming pool that they discovered upon our arrival Thursday evening. While us moms enjoyed some wine and conversation, our little mermaids enjoyed blowing off some steam after our three-hour car ride. We took them to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, and they had a ball as they ran around together and explored their surroundings.

One of our highlights at the Magic Kingdom was a lunch with the princesses at the castle. The girls were glowing as each princess approached our table during our meal. Madi was a bit shy (they all were, actually), but they seemed to really enjoyed the experience.

Madi had been so psyched all week to go on the Haunted Mansion ride. It was all she talked about, and she was pumped up when we got to the line. The six of us waited and waited in line together wondering who would drop out first. As expected, Bridget pulled Lauren before we entered the bottom of the tower, where they made the haunted introduction to the ride. Olivia ended up in tears during the whole spiel, so Tabi then pulled her, too. The surprising part was that I was entirely excited about the ride, and all of a sudden Madi burst into tears begging me to leave! Cracked us up. So needless to say, we followed Tabi and Olivia out.

Madi totally loved the 3D Mickey's Philharmonic Orchestra movie. She jumped out of her seat and reached for everything that flew by her. I can't wait to see another 3D movie with her.

We drove back Friday night, which was quite exhausting. Next time, we'll spring for another night. It was nice, however, to wake up at home on my birthday. Jimmy and I enjoyed a nice evening out together on Saturday.

So far, 45 feels okay;)

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