Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say "Cheese!"

Mr. Charlie is getting big.

In fact, he's finally caught up with his peers. I took him to Mommy & Me yesterday, and he was the same size as all of his little friends.

I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. I usually rely on our pediatrician for charting that data. But, thankfully, we haven't been to the doctor since Charlie's well visit in September. I suppose I should throw him on the scale at Publix!

It feels so good to watch this little guy thrive...


Amy said...

Yea Charlie!!! You grow boy!!! ;) Matt was just commenting on Milo growing the other day (he's gone from wearing 12/18-mth clothing in China to 3T!! Say WHAT???!!!!). We can hardly keep him clothed!! His little "Buddha Belly" sticks out of almost all his shirts. Love these boys!!

Mo said...

..and then before you know it, he will have bigger feet than you..bigger hands..and then someday you wake up and realize you have a giant living in your house that one day you could carry on your hip!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Letters To China said...

Hi Lisa!

I hope you remember me from Amelie's b-day party. I'm finally getting around to visiting your blog. Your children are beautiful. It was so nice getting to meet you. I hope we are able to see one another again real soon.


p.s. Here's my blog address in case you get a minute of free time... http://loveletterstochina.blogspot.com