Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rest in Peace, Cinnamon

Our sweet girl Cinnamon went to Heaven this morning. She was almost 17.  We really wanted her to die in the comfort of her own home, and she went very peacefully. In fact, I thought she was sleeping when I went to check on her this morning and realized that she'd passed.

Jimmy and I both prayed to St. Francis last night to end her suffering and for God to take her peacefully. Our prayers were answered.

This week, the kids had been so sweet to her when they found out she was dying. Charlie covered her with his blanket (which he is usually glued to) and both kids gave her kisses and held her paws. Charlie tried to feed her water from a sports bottle, and Madi even generously offered up one of her blankets to bury Cinnamon in.

We love you, Cinnamon. Rest in peace, you good girl. And tell your brother we said hello and miss him too. We are glad that you two are together again.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Lisa, I was just talking to you. I am so sorry honey. I wish our furbabies lived longer lives. Hugs. Kristen

Mo said...

stop making me cry...oh Cinnamon you had an amazing life...poor wittle kitty :(

Anonymous said...

So sorry Lisa. I remember both of your black cats. That seems like a life time ago. Rest in peace sweet kitty. - Tracy Simmons