Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Showing Hope

Last week, Jimmy and I received an email invitation to volunteer with Steven Curtis Chapman's upcoming "Songs and Stories" concert tour. I am assuming this is something that Show Hope grant recipients are invited to take part in. 

When I first read the email and noticed that the venues were rather far from us, I hastily declined, but asked to be contacted if the tour should come further south.

I woke up the next morning having second thoughts (Holy Spirit, I'm sure), and dug up the email to show to Jimmy.

Surely we could make this happen, right?  I mean...after everything Show Hope did to help us bring Charlie home??

So, we promptly lined up a babysitter (thank you, Mom & Dad), cashed in 10,000 Marriott points (thank you, credit card bill), and we will drive to Lakeland, FL on March 10th to spread the good word about adoption at a Christian music concert (thank you, God).

We are really excited about this unique opportunity!!


Melissa Portie said...

What an amazing opportunity!!!

Anonymous said...

I went to the concert a few months ago. It is a GREAT concert!! You will love it, and it will keep you singing for a long time. :) They have a VIP session before where people can speak and ask questions. I am sure they will love it if you give your testimony. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

I went to my first SCC concert in the 90's. I have been a huge fan ever since. We have been to several more concerts and we always try to see him if he is close.
Congratulations and have fun!