Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Festivities

Oh my, have we been busy!  And sometimes I can't quite remember what we are so busy doing.  Until I look at our photos, and then it all comes back...

Early in December, we took our annual trip to Bethlehem. This is definitely one of our favorite activities to remember the reason for the season.

Madi and her friends were hilarious. They knew exactly what the Roman soldiers were going to ask them, so they were sure to be well-prepped. When the mean Roman soldier shouted, "What brings you to Bethlehem?" The girls replied, without hesitation, "We've come to pay our taxes!"  That response from four little girls ages seven and under just gave us a chuckle. Even the guard was taken aback.  As part of our tradition, Madi brought four roses, so she and her friends could each give one to Baby Jesus.

Our elf on the shelf appeared again this year.  No one was happier than Jimmy and I that Peter decided to come back. It is amazing how the behavior changes when Peter's around. Madi herself admits that it's true!  In fact, Madi wishes that Peter could stay all year long. So do we...

We celebrated Grandpa Wharton's 78th birthday together on the avenue. Madi loves that she gets to be included in the grown-up festivities while Charlie has to stay home with a sitter.


We ventured downtown one night to see the tree and to sit on Santa's lap. Madi asked for nothing more than "a surprise" from Santa.  Charlie was calm and cool with Santa. He said nothing, but he didn't appear to be scared. I believe he was taking his cues from Madi.


On Saturday, we took a field trip with our Girl Scout troop to sing Christmas carols at a retirement home. The girls did a great job singing, and it was a fun experience for all. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle to do something kind for others.

Madi and Daddy baked and decorated Christmas cookies together yesterday. They had so much fun, and Madi decided to put a ball of cookie dough into Jimmy's pocket as a practical joke. She is her father's daughter...


We didn't manage to put a Christmas card together this year, but please know that we love you all, and we appreciate receiving your pictures and updates of your families. 

Merry Christmas from the Murphy family!

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