Monday, December 17, 2012

Our little gymnast

When I began writing this post in my head, it seemed almost wrong. Somehow I felt guilty posting about something that seems so insignificant in the wake of such tragic events, even though it is entirely significant in our lives. While we have the luxury of celebrating our children's accomplishments, others have had that luxury completely and painfully ripped away from them.

My heart hurts for those families in Newtown.

Yesterday was the third Sunday of Advent, representing joy and the coming of Jesus. Seeing joy in all things, and recognizing joy in all circumstances.

So despite the sadness that the families of Newtown are now enduring, we must go on...and we must celebrate, more than ever, our children and their accomplishments. We should embrace them with a fresh set of eyes, and realize that we cannot afford to take a moment for granted.

Yesterday was Madi's first gymnastics competition. And, once again, our daughter's physical abilities blew us away. She was poised and graceful under pressure. But me...not so much. I was a nervous wreck. Mommy must've absorbed every ounce of stress for my baby girl.  And Madi almost flawlessly delivered in all events. These were her scores:

Vault: 9.8
Bars: 9.3
Beam: 9.2
Floor: 9.5

Madi LOVED her experience. It is clear that taking some time off after Charlie came home did her some good and she has found her passion for the sport again. I don't know if gymnastics "team" will be in her future, but it certainly seems that the choice will be hers...

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Ann said...

Lisa, you are so right about embracing our children with a fresh set of eyes and celebrating everything. Tragedies always put that in new perspective. Great job Madi! Amazing!