Thursday, December 6, 2012

One big mess

I've posted, in the past, about our sweet Charlie's pack rat-ish tendencies. Last night, I gave Char Char a little lecture about picking up his toys, which happen to be scattered all over the house. I explained that they are a danger to Bubba and Grandpa (who just came back from CA Tuesday night:)

So, son decided to gather up his belongings and moved his compound...into my bathroom.

He is now claiming that it is "his house."

Mama gets no privacy.

Yep. Charlie's not yet toilet trained, but he's taken up residence in my bathroom. Maybe this is a good time to get that training thing started...

His front door is a barricade of dirty laundry that was unloaded from our hamper. He also decided that shoes should add a nice touch to his new space, so he's removed each and every shoe from Jimmy's closet--and mine--and has added them to his decor.

And his building blocks?  Oh yes, they are in there, too.  Along with a chair, his blanket, and a few other items. He even has room for a guest (Madi).


I hate to break the news to him that his house must be moved again before the authorities come in and deem his establishment as an unsafe place to live.

And sooner or later, I'm gonna need to get back in my bathroom!


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