Thursday, December 13, 2012

the Christmas parade

I had the pleasure of being one of the chaperones to march in the Delray Beach Christmas parade alongside Madi and the other twirlers last weekend.

I must admit that there were a few surreal moments in which I found myself slightly choked up--as it "hit me" that my baby, who is suddenly seven, was marching in a parade. And she looked so beautiful to boot.  Madi's such a natural performer.

Jimmy reserved seating at one of the avenue restaurants with Charlie and my Mom and Dad. Charlie promptly fell asleep on Bubba's lap, which gave the adults some "quiet time" over a cocktail or two. When he woke up, they watched the parade and awaited Madi's arrival. Madi and I spotted Bubba and Charlie right away. Charlie looked so precious...and a bit confused as to why Mommy and Madi were walking in the street with a bunch of people that he didn't recognize. Once our job was finished, we headed back to the restaurant to join them. all our years in Delray, for some reason we've never attended the Christmas parade before, yet alone marched in it. Now I can safely say that we'll never 'not' attend the parade again. It will forever be on our Christmas to-do list.

We adore our charming town that continues to celebrate the reason for the season.


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