Saturday, January 11, 2014

God's perfect timing


I can hardly believe it's already been a month since I posted about our little one in China. More so, I can't believe the patience that God has granted me in this process. Honestly, I am not cut from that cloth, so I know that it is He who must be helping us here in the peace department. I felt blessed to have had Christmas in the middle of all of this, so we could keep our eyes focused on Him.

Shortly after my last post, I was approached by a friend (and Christian sister) at preschool. She sat me down and said that she felt the Holy Spirit telling her to deliver me a message. She went on to share an intimate story about her own past, and then revealed the message she'd received, which was to "draw a line in the sand," so to speak, and that would give us the sign that we needed to help us make our decision.

We would feel the Holy Spirit leading us. 

Interesting that Jimmy and I had already, sort of, drawn our line in the sand with our decision that we needed to get that actual MRI in order to even consider moving forward. Every neurologist that we communicated with had requested the images. As I posted earlier, the request was placed. And as of Thursday afternoon, we are finally in possession of the original films from China, which must be returned after we're done reviewing them. Our hope now is to get these films onto disk so that we can get the images into multiple hands at once. We are not sure if this can be accomplished but we will try. 

I am constantly amazed by God's perfect timing. My best friend from high school (who I had the pleasure of seeing again while on vacation) happened to email me Thursday night asking if we'd heard anything. When I told her of our MRI, she wrote back that her brother--who just happens to be a neurological radiologist--was arriving in Delray the very next day and that he would be happy to take a look at the films for us. Wild, huh?

And then, yesterday, I finally connected with a young lady via phone who is in the process of adopting a child from China, too. We had initially corresponded via email about four months ago, but lost track of each other when fall and the holidays set in. It was my pleasure to *meet* her yesterday to share all the beauty and joys of adoption. My sole mission was to encourage her and be a source of support. Well, I nearly fell over when she told me what she does. She's a nurse in pediatric neurology!  Double wow.  She offered to take a look at the file and video in our possession, and I've now emailed her all of the information to see if anyone in her world can help.

And as if there's not enough amazing-ness going on here, I met a wonderful new friend through Facebook several months ago who just happens to be taking a mission trip to our baby's orphanage at the end of this month! She is a very generous and kind person who has offered to check on our designated little one and give her some love on our behalf. She has also devoted herself to a special project--a sensory wall--which she hopes to build in the room where our baby spends her days at the orphanage.

Since my last blog post, the Holy Spirit has connected us with three separate pediatric neurologists who may be willing to look at the MRI scans for us, so hopefully we'll be able to make a decision very soon, since we have now received this crucial piece of the puzzle. For those who might feel as if we are selfishly "holding up" this child's adoption and file, I must say that I, too, felt that way in the beginning. But then I realized that any family who would consider adopting this child would want the same medical information. So we are totally at peace with the fact that every step we are taking is for greater good. And whether this sweet child is meant to be our daughter, or destined to be in another family, we must maintain our faith in His perfect timing and His plan.


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