Monday, January 13, 2014

Our little teacher

Madi was the first student in her second grade class to reach a certain level of Reading Counts points recently. The prize?  She earned the right to be teacher of the day in her classroom. She had been excited about this honor since Christmas break...making her big plans and anticipating the fact that she would even be administering a test to the other students. Ms. Tata allowed Madi to take her test early in preparation.

Her originally appointed shift was on Friday. But as you might have heard on the national news, Delray Beach experienced a freakish amount of rain after midnight on Friday, which resulted in some serious flooding. We received a call at around 5:30 a.m. that school had been cancelled.

As soon as Jimmy hung up that phone, I knew there was gonna be trouble with Little Miss M. When she came into our bedroom fully dressed at 5:45, we broke the news to her. And then she cried...for about an hour. She was disappointed with a capital "D."

We ensured Madi that all would be well and reinforced the life lesson that some things are beyond our control. We knew that she would surely get her chance soon. And Sunday afternoon, I received an email from Madi's teacher that she would be following Friday's lesson plans on Monday, and she was hoping that Madi would be ready to teach!

Of course, Madi was super-excited and up to the task. She busily worked to make her "new student" a folder and packed her own headband for Ms. Tata to wear. Jimmy and I could hardly wait to hear the details this of those times you wish you could be a fly on the wall!

You can only imagine how thrilled I was to read this email that I received this email from her teacher, accompanied by some wonderful photos:

"She did so well and I could tell she had fun! I LOVED that she came prepared with a name tag and folder cover. She thought of everything! She did everything from administering the math test, grading the tests, answering questions, helped me conduct the Reading Running Records while keeping the other students on task, monitoring the lines in the hallways, etc! She has great leadership skills! The other students were so respectful and listened to everything she said. She was also very generous with moving the clips up and rewarding bear paws! At one point she warned me that if I didn't go push in my chair I was going to have to move my clip down!! Don't worry though because I got a bear paw by the end of the day. She even signed all the bear paws "from Miss Murphy". It was such a fun day and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did!"

Administering a test
Assisting a student
Grading tests
Locking up the classroom
Posing with her favorite teacher student, Marissa.

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