Friday, April 11, 2014

A Divine weekend

Madi had her first Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation last weekend. It was a truly beautiful and overwhelming experience to see our daughter walking into the light of Christ and confessing her sins.

In typical Madi fashion, she was totally prepared for the special occasion. Once she sat down across from the priest, she pulled out a folded piece of paper, which turned out to be a rather large piece of paper!  Oh, the list!

We celebrated when she was finished, and she admitted that it was much easier than she thought it would be. I love the fact that we can now go to confession together. Perhaps this will get us there more often!

On Sunday, Charlie had his first preschool singing performance in the chapel. He was so adorable, but something came over him that resulted in our boy being completely zoned out and exhausted! We waved our arms around like monkeys trying to get his attention, but no such luck...he was in a trance. 

Charlie proceeded to yawn four or five times throughout the performance, and I truly thought he was going down! He was rubbing his eyes like crazy, and he seriously looked like he was going to fall asleep right in the middle of it. He nearly tripped walking off the stage. Poor guy. But even with that, he managed to sing every song with almost all the proper gestures he was supposed to make. 

When I asked him what happened, Charlie told me that he was nervous. It totally brought back memories to a dance recital, about ten years ago, and the same thing happened to me before I went on stage. I could not stop yawning! Someone told me it's a biological response to stress when the body needs extra oxygen. My little boy is just like me!

Thankfully, he was fully recovered (thanks to juice and donuts in his classroom) by the time we went to lunch with Bubba and Grandpa.

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