Friday, April 25, 2014

All signs lead to...

We were "expecting" a girl. 

But we are constantly learning, still, that God's plan doesn't always align with ours in life.  In my last post, I mentioned the season of Lent and how the red thread of this adoption process was woven through our Lenten journey. 

It all started on the First Day of Lent with a call from our agency. The referral should have been perfect...a little girl, the right age. We had a certain time frame to abide by, which gave us time to do the research and to search our hearts. This little girl was everything we'd hoped for in a referral. But for some unforeseen reason, Jimmy and I couldn't not find peace about moving forward. 

The day our decision was due, I called our agency in a panic and asked for more time. Just the weekend to pray about it. They obliged, and we cried out for signs from above. Jimmy and I needed the Holy Spirit to show us the way.

When Monday morning came, there was nothing. I was heartbroken that there was nothing in the way of a feeling, or a Godwink, because I wanted it to work, but I knew in my heart that it wasn't right. Jimmy did too.

I sent a message to our social worker. We had discussed the plan. I felt torn, and she said this:

"You cannot feel badly. If God has a different child for you and you say yes to this child, then what?"

And then I saw this posted, that very morning, by a Facebook friend, who is a sister in Christ.

It brought tears to my eyes. This was--literally--our sign. We could have peace in our hearts either way, regardless of our decision. The Lord would still be there for us, whichever way we turned.

And with that, we sent an email to Holt to set this little girl's file free.

It is a pleasure to joyfully report today that this little beauty's family has been found, and her file was locked shortly thereafter. 

To know that our "no" gave way to another family's "yes" gives us tremendous peace and a sense of confirmation that we are on the right path.

To be continued...

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