Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our son

I have mixed feelings about the season of Lent ending.  Don't get me wrong...I am overwhelmed by the joy that Easter brings and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for all humanity, but each year, through the Lenten journey, I am brought closer to Him in ways that change me forever. The walk with Jesus is amazing, and so very humbling, isn't it?

This one was filled with unimaginable blessings and unexpected surprises, as we now prepare our hearts for a son.

Our son.

I am in awe at what's transpired in this forty days and how God has blessed us. It makes me only want to walk in more faithfulness. I will share more in the days to come, but our plan has changed. He has revealed our child.

He has changed our hearts.

We've reviewed many files of girls who need families in China, but for some reason beyond explanation, we could not find peace about them, and then after our Olivia whose file we set free, we could not wholeheartedly say "yes" to another referral.

And even as He handed us this new gift of life, I still fought. I fought because His will was not mine. Does that sound familiar?

But when I finally gave way from my wants and desires to His, it is all falling into place...the signs, the financial provision, the peace.

As I sat in Mass this morning celebrating Jesus risen and our hope of salvation, I felt that peace. Easter was the only Holy Day we spent together with our son, Daniel, in our lives. I can't imagine a more meaningful Holy Day to spend with him. He went to Heaven only weeks after.

There in the pew, as we rejoiced because Jesus ascended into Heaven, we also rejoiced that Daniel is with Him. And then my mind was drawn to imagining life with another son to love with all our hearts.

Another son to celebrate Easter with. Thank you, Jesus.

With tear-filled eyes and a hope-filled heart, I thank you. We are so excited for this little book to travel across the world. We pray it brings your peace to our son while he waits for us to come.

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