Friday, April 4, 2014

A Gift of New Life

We were blessed, last weekend, with an incredibly meaningful donation for our adoption, and we feel tremendously grateful to be the recipients of so much love and support on our adoption journeys.  It is a humbling experience.

A dear family came into our lives a little over a year ago. We share many similarities, one of them being the red thread connection of children adopted from China. While I became close to the Mom in this family, Jimmy became friends with her son. He helped this young man find a home, and these guys forged a bond that will be lasting.

We just found out, through a beautifully written letter, that this friend became engaged to the woman who has stirred his heart and whom he has fallen in love with. Their relationship has been blessed with a strong spiritual connection that they've embraced and nurtured. They believe they came into each other's lives "because of something bigger" than themselves. The letter is far too personal to give verbatim, but I would like to share the story, since it is such an awesome testimony of faith and goodness.

This young man wanted his fiance's ring to be very special. He truly did not want to "commercialize" their relationship, and with that wish, his loving and supportive mother stepped in and offered him the diamond that his father had given her.  She said that she would be completely honored for her daughter-in-law to wear her special ring.

Because his mother refused to accept any money for the diamond, he asked her where he could donate some money as a gesture of thanksgiving for what she'd done. She suggested one of her favorite charities, Half the Sky, but then said to him, "You know...your friend Jim is raising money to go back to China to adopt another child."

He told his mom, "That's where the money should go."

And just like that, we became the recipients of this generous gift! Jimmy and I were both brought to tears at such a gracious expression of love and faith.

We've promised this sweet couple that they will be a part of our child's life. What a beautiful way to start an engagement in union with our Lord and savior! We are so thankful for the Hand of God in this adoption!

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Rita Buettner said...

Oh, Lisa. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that.