Tuesday, September 16, 2014

All About Him.

Xiao Xiao (Joseph) is so incredibly sweet. He really is such a good little boy!

He is fiercely independent. And even though we love his independence, I really try to purposely help with some things that he is perfectly capable of handling. It feels good to give him a little help and he deserves it.

He is very smart, and seems to pick things up very quickly despite the language barrier.

He loves fruits and veggies...chooses them over most other foods. He is a great eater!

He loves to skip, despite his little turned in foot.

He is a neat freak, unlike his little brother! He puts his shoes and toys away...very orderly. He throws garbage away. His Aunt Sheila and Aunt Kathy have remarked that Charlie and Joseph could end up much like The Odd Couple.

He uses a fork and spoon...no chopsticks.

This boy is heavy! I mean, really heavy! It's so deceiving because he's so pint-sized. Jimmy noticed that, even though he's very thin, he has big bones. Those bones must weigh a ton! We are betting that once we get more nutrition in to him, some Vitamin D from our Florida sunshine, and of course his Juice Plus, he is going to experience some major growth spurts!

Mommy has been brushing his teeth gently, and there was some blood the first day. We asked the orphanage about it and they said that with so many kids it is difficult to ensure that this gets done. He will need some dental attention, but he seems to like having them brushed, and he's very cooperative.

He loves his bath.

He can write the number twelve neater than his father!

He loves Legos.

He colors in the lines like nobody's business.

He is very physical! He has shown us that he can do a bridge, a donkey kick, and he takes a mean flight of stairs. He certainly doesn't show any physical limitations!

He is already speaking English! And very clearly! He was quiet the first day, and then yesterday started mimicking Daddy! He can say Madi, Charlie, Grandpa, Bubba, punch ball, and many more things!

He is a Daddy's boy! Jimmy is so playful, and Joseph loves it! He was really not exposed to many men, so I think he's fascinated by Jimmy's silliness! His face lights up like a Christmas tree when they play together.

I know you've been waiting to hear this one. He adores his new backpack, which we let him pick out at Walmart yesterday. I wish you could've seen his face when he selected it! There was no doubt which one he wanted. It's a Chinese cartoon called Boonie Bears and it is the last one on earth that we'd have picked for him! It was very special to let him choose it, and he is so proud when he wears it! It's almost as big as him!

I've probably left out one hundred things, but we have plenty of time to share his milestones and firsts! We are seriously praising the Lord for His goodness and provision here!


Cindy Nau said...

Lisa, he is darling! God bless your trip home and I hope I get to meet him soon!

PB & Ace said...

I'm sooo happy for you guys! He is beautiful and seems like so much fun! God is so good! Rosie's love to clean too! {and was a neat freak :) } Hope you guys are enjoying China! I can't wait to go back there! Beep, Allie