Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Safari Park!

We had a moment of temporary insanity when we thought, perhaps, we would skip the safari park this time. When we woke up feeling fresh that morning, we realized that that would be a mistake to miss that for our son's sake!

We hopped on the bus with our group at 10:00 a.m. I think Joseph is really getting tired of the bus rides. He seems to become quite antsy whenever we're on one now.

We started the zoo tour with a poor choice on our part...the animated Jurassic Park section. Yikes. I wished that I'd know how to say "pretend" in Chinese, ugh, but I just kept telling him everything was okay. He seemed to handle things fine until one of the dinosaurs spit water at us. I should have seen this coming when I saw the people in front of us ducking! Joseph was pretty upset and scared, so Jimmy quickly scooped him up and carried him through the rest of the forest.

Next we moved on to the rainforest section, another unpopular choice for Joseph. It was cool to us, though, to see the snakes which we'd not seen on our past trips. There was one section with a glass ceiling and boa constrictors yielding a girth of about 8" round. Very creepy.

Now the fun stuff...

The tigers! The pandas! The hippos! Oh my!


But I know what you really want to know...did Joseph cry at the giraffes like his two brothers that went to the Safari Park before him?



Nope. Not a tear! I think it's the age...and the fact that the "cháng jǐng lù" (giraffe in Chinese) is his favorite animal!

Joseph had a great time on his first zoo trip, and here's some hammin' it up for the camera to prove it. Oh...and the souvenir of toy animals and a train didn't hurt either!


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