Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leaving Kunming.

This afternoon we head to Guangzhou and leave behind Joseph’s province. We have enjoyed this part of our trip, but we are definitely ready for the next phase of this journey, which is one step closer to home.

Yesterday, we walked around the town a bit, close to our hotel because we were going stir crazy in the room. It was cold and rainy, and we did not have a jacket for Joseph, so we decided to get him one. We also intended to get him some new shoes. I can't even explain the look on his face when he realized that these items would be his. Items so basic, yet he's had to share probably everything in his life. Not that we intend to spoil him (which we will when he sees all the toys in his room), but we feel like he deserves this. He's been without pampering for too long.

We spent our last night here with our friends, Tricia and Dave, and their adorable new son, Max. Joseph and Max really hit it off at dinner, and it was so precious. We got to see a glimpse of what a loving little heart our son has. He was so nurturing and gently with this sweet little boy, who is three years younger. It just made us love and appreciate our son all the more.


We’ve learned a lot about our little boy in these last few days. One thing we’ve noticed are some major inconsistencies between the real Joseph and the Joseph on paper. His file indicated that he was not as smart as his peers. Well, his peers must be geniuses because this kid is bright! He is definitely going to blossom quickly, at least we think and hope so. His file also indicated that he could say basic phrases but didn’t talk much. We laugh because Joseph is a chatterbox! He doesn’t stop to breathe sometimes! Of course, we don’t understand a thing he’s saying, but we just nod with approval or chatter back in English, and things seem to be fine. I know that sounds strange, but so far it’s working!

Our guide came to our hotel room last night with Joseph’s passport and explained to him that he would be going on some big airplanes with Mommy and Daddy. He seemed very happy about it all and up for the challenge. I think our little guy’s going to be just fine.

I mentioned previously that we’d requested more photos of Joseph from the orphanage. When we met with them, they agreed to send what they had, and two days later, they delivered. This particular photo broke my heart and brought me to utter tears. I look at his eyes in this picture, and I can so clearly see loss and hurt on a precious child's face. God is so good for blessing him with a family. I'm leaving you with this in hopes that you feel moved to do more for the cause of the orphan. Maybe it's not adoption that calls your heart, but there are many ways to bless the least of these, and if we all opened our hearts, couldn't we--collectively--be the change? I know this family is so humbly grateful for the generous hearts of so many who helped to get this child home.

Thank you all for being here in Kunming with us as we received yet another precious gift from God in our lives. You'll hear from us when we are in Guangzhou. God bless you, and thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

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