Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Month three

Whoa. I typed this same statement last month, I know, but I'm in awe of the leaps and bounds of progress in Lulu's transition. She just amazes us everyday. Again, it's not all perfect, but it sure is getting closer each day.

Since my last "update" post, Lulu is now sleeping in her room and in her own bed! At the beginning of August, Lulu's Godmother alerted us to a beautiful bed that a friend was selling, and it was absolutely perfect. Funny that I had been online price shopping beds that week but knew that finances would prevent a purchase. This bed was a fraction of the price of all of them and the quality is probably double and then some. It is fit for Princess Lulu, and I love that it has a trundle for co-sleeping transition and sibling sleepovers! She's made it about halfway through the night in her bed and finds her way into our bed, but no tears and no meltdowns--this is a huge step for her. And last night, she slept through the night for the first time!

Lulu had her first visit to the Pediatrician in August for her initial physical and to get her school forms and referrals for additional medical evaluations. Little Miss Brave needed three vaccines and a finger stick that day, which she took like a champ--no tears, not a flinch, just an itty bitty "ow" and that was it. I can't get over how her body has physically transformed in three months time. She has grown almost two inches (!) and gained about 3.5 pounds, but she looks like a different child based on her physique alone. Her muscle tone has definitely improved from everyday living. I think back to when she first came home and needed assistance to climb onto a chair at the kitchen table, and mere months later, she gets up all by herself.

Mid-summer, Jimmy and I made a decision to take the ipad away from Lulu (from all the kids, actually). What initially started (watching Boonie Bears and other Chinese cartoons) as a source of comfort when we first came home started to become a hindrance to her learning English, or that's what we suspected at least. As much as we'd like Lulu to retain her understanding of Mandarin, the first priority right now is English. A month-and-a-half later, she seems to be speaking and understanding much more than before, so we've given the ipad back to her with only learning apps in English. Buh-bye for now, YouTube Kids.

Lulu's meltdowns and fear-based fighting episodes are few and far between, thank God. She is adapting, and she is adapting well. Our littlest one started her first day of Kindergarten today and though my heart feels torn to have her away from home so soon, I know this will ultimately help her soar, and I pray that her separation anxiety is minimal knowing that I am right around the corner if she needs me. I am so thankful and beyond blessed to be her Mommy...

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