Friday, August 12, 2016

Open House day

My aim was to show up early in hopes of accomplishing something (not sure what) but it ended up with a twenty minute wait outside in the heat. Oh well. The kids made themselves comfortable.

What made up for it was the moment that Lulu spotted her teacher, Miss Bender, in the breezeway. She charged towards her with open arms and gave her a huge hug. Unfortunately it happened so quickly that I didn't get a picture, but I'll never forget it. It was priceless.

In front of the classroom, we found her name, and yes--it choked me up a little. From a million miles away in an orphanage, into our family in less than a year, and now a Kindergarten student at school with her siblings. That's pretty priceless, too.


We made our way into the classroom...first ones there, of course, and walked around until Lulu found her seat. She immediately pulled it out and sat down all ready to go.

We then decided it was time to find the boys classroom, and on the way we found our beloved Miss Mara, who was Joey's ESOL teacher last year. He adores Miss Mara, but we found out over the summer that she's leaving our school for a better opportunity. We were just grateful to see her today so Joey could show her his new glasses.

We found their new school home in the class of Mrs. Howard. She introduced herself to the boys and seems very kind. Joey felt compelled--in the softest (and sweetest) voice--to confess to her that he can't yet read or write. She threw any inkling of shame right out the window and reassured our boy that they would work on that together this year. His comfortable smile made my day. We found their desks and then Charlie found a stash of stuffed animals. Mrs. Howard has unlocked the key to his heart. We were informed that they are "reading buddies" and oh how I love this for Charlie, and Joseph too!  


The boys went home with their best buddy, Mason, and Lulu and I ventured over to 5th grade to check out Madi's new digs for the year since she's still at camp until tomorrow. We love her teacher, and I think it's going to be a great year for her...for all these Murphy kids actually...

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