Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Camper.

Yesterday I drove our first and oldest baby to sleep away camp for a week. SIX NIGHTS AWAY FROM HOME.

I can't explain how weird it felt. I mean, we've left her three times to go to China for two weeks each trip. But there's something different, I guess, about your baby leaving you. I suppose I'm just getting a small taste of what you empty nesters feel. Ugh.

But at the same time, I am SO very happy for Madi. Because I know this experience will be so good for her, and time away to make new friends will be good for her soul. This is way out of my her comfort zone, and that's a blessing.

Sleep away camp was never on my list of things I wanted for our daughter. But my dearest sister-in-Christ brought it up at the beginning of summer--that her oldest daughter was a counselor at this Catholic faith-based camp, and she asked if Madi would want to go with her daughter, Ana (who has been one of Madi's best friends since they were babies.) Much to my shock, Madi gave a resounding yes with no hesitation whatsoever. I swear the Holy Spirit shielded me from the calendar. Had I realized this camp took place the week before school starts, I might have insisted that it would be too much. But it was too late.

Halfway through the summer, Jimmy and I became concerned about Madi's ankle (the one she fractured in the spring) because it just didn't seem to be healing properly. Once again, I worried about this camp and if it were the right thing for her. And then we found out that the girls would not be sleeping in the same cabin, and I really became reluctant to send her. But I encouraged her to attend anyways and explained that perhaps the Lord had a better plan and a reason for their separation. We talked to the girls about the fact that, even though they wouldn't be together, they might miss something life-changing if they said no. We were so proud of them for still giving their yes.

Last week I confess that I had some sleepless nights. I imagined Madi going to bed that first night without anyone she knows. I pictured her weeping silently (I think I'm crazy) and I worried about her, because our girl is pretty attached to us and this is totally foreign territory to her. But then I'd wake up feeling hopeful in the morning, aware that this week will be a blessing for her.

Yesterday we packed up the van--Carrie and me, the two girls, her youngest, Kolbe (our Godson), and Lulu (we agreed that Lulu should be there to understand what was happening)--and drove several hours north. Madi was quiet when we arrived at the campsite, and Mama was already feeling sad about separation (but I hid it well). Carrie's daughter, Camryn (the counselor), came to greet us with a big smile and we headed to registration. The girls were still quiet as we unloaded their luggage and strolled to find their cabins. That's when we were told that there was a big mix-up the night before and that all the cabins has been rearranged. 

And would you believe that the girls ended up together in the same cabin? Tears shot right to my eyes. I looked up to the sky and thanked our Heavenly Father. I knew this was divine intervention. He knew she needed this. Truth is, maybe He knew that I needed this. 

Conveniently, Madi was dying for the top bunk and Ana wanted nothing to do with it...a match made in Heaven. They claimed their perfect space and ran off to put on their swimsuits for their required swim test. But not before we insisted on a picture. 

The girls are in different groups so they'll get the best of both worlds--separation to spread their wings during the day and closeness at night when they need comfort. The camp sent us a link to photos that are uploaded daily. Yes, I am a stalker. Though we miss her like crazy already, I just know it's going to be a great week...I can feel it.

Would you please join me in offering these prayer intentions for our daughter (and the other campers, too)?  It would be most appreciated.

~That her faith and relationship with Jesus are strengthened through this spiritual encounter.

~That she is able to open her heart to her new sisterhood in faith and finds pure joy in making new friends and bonds with them on a deeper level.

~That she and Ana have a beautiful experience that will continue to forge their friendship for life.

~That Madi is filled with the peace of Holy Spirit this week and returns to us as a renewed soul to begin her new school year.

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