Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Plan B...the school year

No one said this would be easy...and I'm not quite sure why I thought it would be. We have now moved to a "Plan B" with Lulu and school.

Lulu did so well the first week of her staggered start of Kindergarten. Actually, I take that back. She cried a few times daily, but nothing that seemed terribly traumatic.

But then, after the weekend, it got worse...much worse. And honestly? I am not comfortable with worse. I get the whole "she'll be okay" and "she'll get used to it" but this Mama can't bear the separation anxiety which appeared in the form of sheer terror on her face. I am not going to share the details here of Lulu's behavior after school on Friday, but let me just say that she was completely derailed, and she was not herself at all. I knew in my heart that she couldn't go back. Maybe it was too academic. Maybe it felt too institutional...we don't know. But with that, Jimmy and I had to honestly, and prayerfully, re-evaluate our initial thoughts about our daughter's readiness for school. In some ways she is, but in other ways, she clearly isn't. I need to remind myself (and other people) sometimes...

Our daughter, though cared for in a smaller orphanage, was in an orphanage for five-and-a-half years--no mommy or daddy to constantly coddle her. Yes, her basic needs were met by all indications, but she was not given the consistent one-on-one attention that we sometimes take for granted in the lives of little ones. This information weighs very heavily on my heart. And shouldn't it?? We, as Lulu's parents, have the responsibility of tending to her spirit first, before her education. I cannot--I will not--leave her again with the look that she had on her face Friday morning or pick her up in the state she was in Friday afternoon. It's not at all worth it to me, and Lulu needs to know--beyond the shadow of a doubt--that Mommy always comes back. She'll get there, she will, in her time. We are grateful that she feels so attached, actually, when attachment issues are sometimes such a difficult roadblock in the adoption process.

I have to give extreme kudos to Banyan Creek. Lulu's teacher, Miss Bender, is a saint...I mean, really, a saint. Her efforts to help make Lulu comfortable were just above and beyond compassionate. The entire administration has been nothing but supportive and understanding of Lulu's transition and our decision making process. This school is clearly FOR THE CHILDREN. I am grateful for social media because some of these people have seen Lulu come home and they've watched her beginnings in our family. That has been a blessing in more ways than one, I'm sure. And you all wouldn't believe the kids who were in her class. Talk about compassion...these little ones showered Lulu with love and encouragement that would bring you to tears. I am so thankful for all of them, and we've made it understood that this isn't about them at all...I believe it's about our little girl's brain and her deep-seated fear of being left by her mother...again.

Over the weekend, it all started to become more clear, and on Monday, I decided to take Lulu for a visit to First United Methodist Preschool where her siblings attended VPK (mentioned in a previous post). This kid ate it up. When I texted the pictures to my husband, he replied, "Looks like this might be a good fit." And he was right on. She played on the floor with our beloved Mrs. Avogardo. She ran into every classroom, including our dear Mrs. Bivins, eager to see the toys inside. She voluntarily took part in their yoga for recess. It felt like home--for both of us.


What baffles me is that in all the preparation for her schooling, we had completely overlooked and forgotten the fact that Lulu was never given the opportunity to play in China. We nurtured that part of Joseph who came home at the same age, so why would we deny her the same experience?

This morning I took her back to preschool. She was reluctant, but her new teacher was incredibly sweet and accommodating. She allowed me to introduce Lulu to the class of ten students and even pulled down a globe so they could see where Lulu was born. She encouraged me to stay and sit with her on the rug for circle time. When it was clear that Lulu was engaged to a good, healthy degree, I took the chance to exit for some paperwork. She never came out crying, and I never re-entered the classroom. The Director (and my friend), Anastasia, sent me this an hour later.


My dream of having Lulu at Banyan right now was clearly my plan, and we all know what happens to "our plans" sometimes. This Mama Bear will just have to wait another year for her bear cub to be ready for the "big school." We truly believe Lulu is in the right place for now, and our hope is that nurturing the baby and toddler in her spirit will give her a healthier start and an easier introduction to socialization and the English language. She's in the very same classroom that her Grandpa Murphy donated and installed a new sink and cabinet six years ago when her big sister went to school there! I might show up at 1:30 to a puddle of tears today, but we will forge through this process with her one day at a time. And, with a three-day school week, we can schedule her physical therapies on her off days.

Please continue to keep Lulu in your prayers. It is obvious that she wants, so badly, to go to school and learn, but fear holds her back. We pray that her trust and security prevails in her heart, so that she can feel secure enough to leave this nest each morning with full knowing that she'll be back in a matter of hours. We wholeheartedly believe this is the right fit for her...we just need her to believe that.

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Kelley said...

I saw Mrs. Avogardo .... and Miss Avogardo this weekend and we've spent a good deal of time since reliving our preschool experiences with her. That sweet little, low-stress, high-fun, let's-make-some-friends-and-learn-to-play-with-them preschool is such a good introduction to school for any child. I hope it's exactly what LuLu needs. :)