Friday, August 31, 2012

the book sale

I've posted in the past about Madi's entrepreneurial ways.  She's such a trip.

One afternoon this week, she gave me instructions to come to her room in five minutes for a book sale. Of course, I was in the middle of ten-thousand things. Madi knows exactly when to hit me up.

I followed my strict orders: knocked twice, pushed the little light on her door that acts as her pretend doorbell. I walked in to find Madi behind a tray table with a keyboard (hooked up to nothing) under her savvy little fingers.

She prompted me for all my personal information and then invited me in to her book sale. On her bed, I viewed a smattering of pictures she'd colored, along with a couple of books that she'd written on copy paper and stapled together. Very industrious. Also included was her folder from preschool that was filled with pictures and memories.

Drawings: .10 each
Books: .50 each
Memory book: $1.00

As Madi tenaciously showcased each item, my type A-ness (sadly) began to kick in and my mind started to wander, knowing that dinner was on the stove and who knows what Charlie was up to, so I anxiously asked Madi the one question that was music to her ears, "How much for everything?" 

I walked out with my arms full of treasure and an I.O.U. for $1.50 and headed back to my duties.  And my daughter is her own collection agent, I might add.  Suffice it to say...debt paid the next day.

In an effort to straighten up the house yesterday, I returned the books to Madi's bookshelf, and somehow I know how this is going to end.

I have this sinking feeling that she's going to convince me to purchase these items again next week when I'm under pressure.  She's no dummy!  And she is my favorite author, by the way...

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Biba said...

I seem to remember another entrepreneurial little girl some decades back :-)