Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I woke early this morning.

Aware that Madi was probably stirring already.

Shortly after I poured my cup of coffee, she surfaced.

That was probably the most emotional moment of my morning.

It was the way she looked. Madi was completely dressed from head to toe, with her backpack already on, and an expression on her face that clearly said, "I'm so proud to be a first grader!"

It totally melted my heart.

The three of us walked Madi to her classroom. Jimmy and I LOVE her new teacher and have a very good feeling about the fit for our daughter. Ms. Barganier, her teacher, seems to have a really gentle and calm personality (much different that the Type A that she gets here at home with me!) and I think it will be a really nice balance for her--one that will do her good.

Unlike last year's mishaps, the school did everything right. It was I who fell short this year when I accidentally wrote "parent pick up" down on Madi's info sheet instead of "walker."

Duh.  I only did this every day last year.

Don't know what I was thinking (I wasn't). At the end of the day, Madi told the teacher that she was a walker, but the teacher wasn't sure based on my mistake, so she sent Madi to the office. The office called me to verify, and once again, I classified Madi as a "parent pick up" kid.

Duh x 2.

Madi's "walker" friend and classmate, Ava, came out to the walker section alone, and told us that Madi was with the parent pick up kids at car line.

Thankfully, Jimmy was with me. He went to the parent pick up line, while I ran around frantically trying to find Madi. Turned out that Ms. Barganier's parent pick up kids were dismissed late, and I found Madi walking to car line accompanied by her teacher and several friends.

Relief x 10.

She had a GREAT day. Very pleased that she had TWO important jobs: taking the attendance to the office and dispensing hand sanitizer before snack.

And reported that a boy in her class told her that she was beautiful...twice in one day:)

Making sure everything's in order
Ready for action!
New shoes compliments of Aunt Sheila & Uncle David:)
"Someday Charlie, you'll go to school too!"
Say "Cheese!"
Madi with her lovely teacher, Ms. Barganier


Amy said...

Madi looks so grown up!! I'm so happy for you (& of course Madi) that she had such a wonderful first day!!

Biba said...

Off on the right foot. Attitude, after all, is everything, and Madi's attitude is always reaching for the positive.

What a great first day!