Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God bless the mess

These are the some of the shenanigans that we contend with on a daily basis from Charlie.

He's a pack rat.
He's a hoarder.
Sorry folks...he's just an outright mess sometimes. And it's difficult to keep up with him!

Before you accuse me of being a cruel and over-reactive Mommy, alas let me show you some of the mounting evidence:

A piece of American cheese we found stuck to our mirror.
Doesn't everything on the vanity actually belong in the sink?
Charlie's nest in Marco Island
Yummy...strawberry yogurt mixed with buttered corn.
Claiming his territory in our dining room
Happiness in a pile.
Good thing we're so madly in love with this little man. And it doesn't hurt that he's so stinkin' cute either. Cause Charlie drives us absolutely crazy sometimes. But we couldn't possibly love him more. And we know that someday we'll look back at this phase and laugh.

Until then, may God bless this mess!

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Anonymous said...

Just don't touch his junk :-)