Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marco Island

We took our annual trip to Marco Island last weekend. We have no injuries to report this year (like we did in this post from last year's trip), thank God! Just a wonderful trip and tons of fun jammed into two days. We all enjoyed the weekend so much, that it actually seemed we were there longer!

Charlie, following in his sister's footsteps, is a true water baby. The Marriott has a big water slide at the kid's pool, and he loved it. He must've gone down ten times the first day. At one point, Charlie came down head first on his belly. Madi had tried to grab him before his departure, but he slipped out of her hands. He did a flip in the water and I think it scared him because he probably took in a good mouthful. He didn't do that again!

Both kids (and parents) really enjoyed the ocean. We floated for hours, collecting shells with our toes and bouncing in the not-so-threatening waves of the west coast. Madi and Jimmy did some snorkeling, too. Saturday morning, Madi and Jimmy rented a kayak and spotted some dolphin. Madi had a ball. Charlie and I, once again, floated around together and took it all in.

We found tons of awesome shells. Shelling has become a fun hobby for our family, and we have quite the collection to remember our Marco Island getaways.

It was a great, great vacation for all of us. And a much needed break from our everyday trappings.  See you next year, Marco!



Amy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Charlie has become quite a little man!! He looks so big!! Wow!! Looks like tons of fun!

I think we're going to go on our first family vacation (with Milo) sometime around Christmas. I'm hoping it's somewhere warm, near an ocean! We haven't decided yet, though.

Biba said...

Fabulous photos of a joyful family. Love them all.

Sammons said...

Oh my goodness such cute kids!!!!!! Charlie you need to meet Ivy lol...