Sunday, March 1, 2009

SVF Festival 2009

This year the festival was all about Madi and her 'girlfriends'. It cracked us up to see her marching around with authority in the presence of her little posse of three-year olds. I swear she thought she owned the place! In fact, they all did! They were so cute--most of them accompanied by their daddies, while their mommies volunteered at the festival.

Thankfully, we purchased a wristband for Madi and Daddy. She loved her wristband and would stare at it with pride. It turned out to be a worthy investment, since her little pack would run from one ride to another nonstop. We were there all weekend enjoying the festivities. Madi and her friends also enjoyed the games. There was one incident where her friend Mary won a prize flipping frogs onto lilypads. Madi wasn't as successful and left prize-less. She was devastated, and amongst the tears, we saw her competitive spirit flare up. She was determined to win a game, so she threw some darts and popped a bunch of balloons--enough to win a homely little bear of her choice!

Slushy drinks, pizza, and cotton candy were the staples of the weekend. It sure was fun, but it's nice to get back on track!

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