Monday, May 5, 2014


This word has recently been brought to the forefront of my consciousness. I think I've seen it many times before in my life, but never really knew what it meant, nevermind how to pronounce it.

a·ga·pe2 [ah-gah-pey, ah-guh-pey, ag-uh-] 
noun, plural a·ga·pae [ah-gah-pahy, ah-guh-pahy, -pee], a·ga·pai [ah-gah-pahy, ah-guh-pahy] 
1. the love of God or Christ for humankind.
2. the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind.
3. unselfish love of one person for another; brotherly love.

When we discovered, through Joseph's file, that he was found on Valentine's Day at one month old, I found myself wanting to know more about St. Valentine and the true meaning of the holiday that was such an important day in our child's life. And what I discovered is that Valentine's Day celebrates the heroic and sacrificial actions of St. Valentine, who was imprisoned for his faith and responded by miraculously healing the daughter of his captor. Such displays of forgiveness and love are nowhere to be found in the modern celebration. Instead of celebrating Christian agape love, the world has replaced it with eros. 


Our son was given up on a day that represents the love of God or Christ for humankind. What irony to think that, while millions of people were celebrating their love for each other, this child's birth mother was placing her son at the gate of the public security bureau. Never to be seen by her again, and she would only carry him in her heart for all her years because she probably couldn't give him the medical attention he needed.

The agony of her sacrifice is purely unfathomable.

What a sad, yet beautiful act of agape love. Did she know? Did she know, as she laid him down and turned away with a shattered heart, that it was the feast day of Agape love?  Perhaps not, but God knew.

Remember in my last post, how desperately I searched for information about Joseph?  Well, the next day that Heaven-sent friend of mine sent me a message that read, 

"Contact Agape Adoptions."

I had goosebumps! I quickly sent an email from the "Contact Us" page on their website and realized that I might've sounded like a complete nut, but I don't give up easily.  

The next day, I received the email that was answered prayer. My instinct was right on. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I have found the agency that has a One to One partnership with this orphanage.

And it gets better, my friends.

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Andrea O. said...

That is an amazing story!