Thursday, May 15, 2014

Care package

Remember the woman from Agape Adoptions that I posted about recently?

She emailed me two days ago and asked if we would like her to deliver a gift to Joseph next week.

Can you imagine?  Her kindness still blows me away.

We had to act fast, but there's a package on it's way to China via Washington State today...

Immediately, I thought to send the "Quiet Book" that's been sitting in one of Charlie's drawers for a couple of years. Yes, it is for young children, but it is full of sensory activities like buttoning, snapping, buckling, zipping...things that Joseph may or may not currently get a chance to practice.  I asked our friend at the agency, and she thought it would be a totally appropriate item to send.

My friend, Jennifer, had this wonderful suggestion to send one of Charlie's shirts and a stuffed animal of Madi's. Then we thought to take a picture of them wearing and holding these items so Joseph would understand that they belonged to his brother and sister. Charlie chose his "Awesome just like my Dad" shirt, and Madi chose Pooh. I could not find a soft picture frame, so I used what little creativity is left in my brain and cut the front of a greeting card at home to frame the picture. I love the way it came out.

I ran to Target this morning to add a few items:  some stickers and Hot Wheels cars that he can share with his friends, some socks for his cute little feet--also enough to share, and a beach ball that perhaps all the kids can enjoying playing with together.

We've had the opportunity to send care packages to our kids before, but this feels different--I suppose because of our son's age and the circumstances. I am so grateful for this chance to connect with Xiao Xiao in advance. I hope he loves our gifts, and that they don't overwhelm him.

My agency friend did request that all of the items fit into a gallon-size ziplock bag. It was a tight squeeze, but I somehow managed to get it all in! I stuffed the bag so full I fear it might explode. Poor little Pooh might just arrive in China as flat as a dumpling...

Daddy is en route to the post office now!


Carrie said...

Yea!!!! I am so glad she offered this to you! We are sending fuzzy blankets to our kids! Can't wait to see pictures! I am so excited for you, Lisa.

Dawn Transleau said...

You are the most thoughtful, creative, caring, awesome Mom!! Will you please adopt me!! I want to be a kid in the Murphy family. I hope I am half as wonderful a mother as you are and will be to that very blessed new Murphy.