Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Madi's First Communion

There is so much to say about Madi's first Holy Communion.  First of all, we were so blessed to be joined for the week by Jimmy's sister, Kathy, and our niece (and Godchild), Kelsey. We were able to spend some quality time with them last week, and it was long overdue.

Months ago, our Aunt April Murphy called me and had me in tears. She said that since she won't be around to see Madi's wedding day, she had it in her heart to supply all of Madi's clothing for her first communion. She couldn't wait to see Madi's beautiful skin in her white dress. She dressed Madi from head to toe in a gorgeous new dress, veil, and shoes.

The night before, we joined the family and Grandpa Murphy (a.k.a. Papa) and Suzanne's house to celebrate Papa's birthday. While we were gone, our friend's father came and installed a beautiful custom-made prayer kneeler in Madi's bedroom. It was our gift to Madi, and the bench was covered in special dragonfly fabric that was chosen by her beloved Grandma Pauline in 2008 to make her headboard. The leftover piece that I'd saved all these years was exactly the size we needed! It was a surprise to her that night, and you can see--from the look on her face--that she loves it and she was indeed surprised.

Her cake was made by her first best friend, Julianna Debonis, who is only twelve years old. Look at this cake! It was the most beautiful cake and one of the most delicious I've ever tasted. What a special gift.

Madi's hair was done by her second grade teacher, Miss Marissa Tata. A couple of weeks ago, I spied on Facebook that she had done some prom hairdos, and I was compelled to ask if she would consider this special project. Madi loves her so much, and she feels the same about Madi. They are very close. Of course, little brother insisted on having his locks curled too...


The finished product was pure beauty, as if there were any doubt. 
It was such a special day for all of us.

We kept the food really simple...Madi style. She requested a buffet of her favorite potato chips, a variety of bagels and cream cheese, deviled eggs, a few appetizers, and a chocolate fountain (thanks to Aunt Sheila).

We celebrated with family and friends. Sadly, I didn't take many pictures, but here is one that a friend snapped of Madi with a couple of her best friends since forever, Carmelina and Sophia.

I sat in church two nights before and watched the kids rehearse for Saturday. As I stared at our beautiful daughter sitting amongst a sea of kids, my mind wandered to somewhere that I hadn't expected, and it left me wondering.

If Madi were still in China, would she be given the opportunity to know Jesus right now? Would she have the chance to openly receive His body and blood? Would she, as a female in Communist China, be chosen to stand on the church altar and read the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the congregation?  We'll never know, but I would imagine it's not likely.

All of a sudden, I felt blessed to a whole new level. It's fulfilling enough to love your children and to be bonded together as a family. But to bring those children into the light of Jesus?  It makes motherhood even more special. I'm so thankful to the Holy Spirit for giving me the eyes with which to see His truth.

What an incredible gift this child is, and we are so grateful for the spiritual blessing of her first communion.

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