Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our Gem.

As you might imagine, I was beyond thrilled to receive the news that we'd finally found someone who might know more about our son! 

This kind woman with whom I corresponded verified that they have just started doing adoptions from this orphanage, and she doesn't believe any kids have even come home yet!  It made perfect sense and came as such a relief.

I emailed back to thank her for the information. I also gave her our son's Chinese name to see if she knew of him. Click, click, nails anxiously tapped on the keyboard as I awaited her response. And then, this:

"I saw him last June when I was in China. He is a sweet boy and had just had his surgery when I saw him. The care is great- the orphanage is awesome- there are not a lot of kids there. I really enjoyed my time there and they are really a great group!"

Did you get that?  She MET him. The care is GREAT. The orphanage is AWESOME!

I couldn't help but ask for more, since I knew that I had found a caring person who was willing to share! I shot back a few questions about the environment he's in...keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of additional clues about Joseph's life in the orphanage.

Her reply provided even more peace...
"He sleeps in a toddler bed. They eat family style (they have really good food at this orphanage!) and he is just in a really good place. I really can't say enough god things about it. I think you will be very happy to see it when you are there. There are several kids there that are about his same age. I am sad we were not able to place him, but so happy to know he has a family. He's a gem :))"

She described our son as a GEM!! (they're all gems, by the way) And I love how she inadvertently typed "God" instead of "Good" in her third sentence. Did you catch that? I sure caught it, and I believe her typo was the doing of the Holy Spirit.

Just like that, my worries were swept away. Gone like the wind. Bye bye.

I can hardly believe we've found someone who's met our Joseph. To me, the most beautiful part is the fact that this woman could have chosen not to respond to me at all. I mean, we are with a completely different adoption agency. Remember that agape love I mentioned?

She just so happens to be traveling back to the orphanage this month and has graciously offered to take pictures for us. We've connected with her just in time, and we are feeling oh-so-blessed by her love for the children, our son included. No coincidences, I'm sure.

Thank you, Jesus.


Carrie said...

I just get giggly reading this! God is faithful!

Nikki said...

This is amazing!!! As a former English teacher, I definitely caught that typo. But, it was no accident! :-) This makes me smile for your family, and I'm so thrilled you will be getting some updates this month. What a peaceful feeling to know he's in a good place until you can bring him home!!! <3 -Nikki

Andrea O. said...

What a wonderful connection! I'm so happy for you!