Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Answered prayer.

When I first corresponded with Agape Adoptions in this post, I expressed a sincere interest in connecting with any adoptive families who are traveling to Joseph's city and orphanage.

I was stunned to read this reply, which certainly piqued my interest, to say the least:

"I will pass your name and email onto our families that are preparing to travel there. His friend is being adopted by one of our families- and I am sure she will contact you."

A day later, she did. I received an email from the new mom of our son's best friend.


Carrie's email gave me chills...seems like I constantly have "God-bumps" throughout the adoption process.

"Not only were we hoping he (your son) was adopted, but we also hoped that we would be able to be in touch with the person who adopted him - so our son could stay in touch with him."

I quickly wrote back to her, feeling an instant sense of "family" here. Along with my message, I attached our family photo. Carrie replied that my email had brought her to tears. You see, they've never adopted before, this family, and a friend told her to "find a friend who has recently been there, done that, or is in the process...a friend who you can call in your craziness and they will understand." When she saw our children, she knew I was that friend.

She calls me an answer to her prayers. And I call her an answer to mine.

Several days later, we spoke on the phone. We both marveled at this glorious unfolding, and she shared something big that I hadn't known....our boys had their surgeries together last year! I've often looked into Joseph's eyes and thought about our son going through surgery all by himself and dealing with the pain of healing. I've wondered if anyone was there to comfort him. Knowing these children shared this experience--and perhaps were able to comfort each other--gives me some peace.

These are Carrie's beautiful words that she posted. I can't love them enough.

"God has a way of knitting hearts together and cares about the littlest needs of the orphan. This is how much God loves the orphan, adores us, and cares about every need... through His divine and miraculous orchestration, I met (via email, FB, and then a phone call), my now new sweet friend and sister in Jesus, who is adopting our son's best friend - our son in China! They have been best buddies for the past 14 months, in the same orphanage, and now we have the privilege of knowing the family he will be joined in. And to top it off, I get to hug on her son when we go get our kids, and tell him how much they love him and are waiting for him - and maybe even bring a gift to him from them! Seriously! What a miracle!"

That brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. The fact that she is already thinking about loving Joseph on our behalf?

She calls me an answer to her prayers. And I call her an answer to mine.

The Holy Spirit's presence is just beyond words sometimes...


jodi berger said...

What a beautiful post Lisa. Sending more blessings to you and your entire family. xoxo jodi

Dawn Transleau said...

God is blessing you in so many ways. I believe He rewards those who look after His little ones and you do that above & beyond. May He continue to do so!

marjorie said...

thank you lisa for sharing your journey with us/me. you always post a beautiful message just when I need to hear one. I always have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers

Katie said...

How wonderful! God truly has His hand on every. single. aspect. of your journey! I love how He shows how much He loves you through this story.