Friday, October 17, 2008

Ain't Love Grand?

We missed Grandparents Day about a month ago. We didn't have the blog then, but we do now! Madi is very lucky--strike that--Madi is very blessed. She is blessed because she has four Grandparents that love her very much. They love her in very different ways, and she has such a unique relationship with each of them. She knows that Grandma Murphy will play princesses with her for hours on end and will lay on her bed and pretend to be a baby as long as she wants. She knows that Grandpa Murphy will always pretend to be a fellow dance class student--the student who really doesn't know how to dance properly, so Madi has to teach him the 'right way'. She knows that Biba will always be willing to climb into a fort with her and will teach her the simple joys of nature and making little people out of tinfoil. She knows that she can laugh at Grampster because sometimes he's "Grumpster". He may not be playful, but he always has lots of hugs and kisses for her.
Most importantly, Madi will know that Biba and Grampster traveled all the way to China with Mommy and Daddy to bring her home. They were there to witness Madi being placed into our arms. They were there to provide Madi the loving support of a family that her foster family of ten months had given her.

Madi will know that halfway across the world, Grandma and Grandpa Murphy were there to greet us at the airport--to cautiously and lovingly earn her trust (which took all of fifteen minutes and some gifts) and to move into our house for a week to help us adjust to our transition.

Madi's Grandparents have all, most certainly, had a great hand in molding our child into the amazing person she is becoming. There is so much more to be said, for Madi's sake, about her Grandparents. We are so grateful for these priceless influences in her life...


Biba said...

Here are some recollections of my own.

When Madi was placed in Lisa's arms I had this urge to grab both of them, Jimmy and Grampster and run for it. I was a wreck for two weeks until she was cleared by the China government to go home to Florida where she belonged for fear *something* could go awry.

Lisa had cleverly worn some brightly colored beads and Madi was mesmerized by them, so can we wonder at her hyper-accessorizing today? Everything begins somewhere.

Her new daddy and I took the first opportunity to change her diaper while her new mommy was taking care of even more paperwork just to make sure the hidden parts were good. I'm a Reagan girl. You know; "Trust, but verify!" While many of the other babies were crying and frightened, Madi calmly observed it all with keen interest. She cleaarly was in control, even as we were spinning out with giddiness.
Madi sat amongst the meleƩ munching Cheerios (considered to be baby crack in China).

One more thing. She took her first steps toward Jimmy when he entered the door to the suite. He was her hero and protector, and she would never let go.

Pauline Murphy said...

We were so excited to pick them up at the airport. When We first saw them I just wanted to grab Madi and give her hugs and kisses. She was hesitant to come to me and just hugged her daddy for dear life. It gave me goosebumps to see her already so attached to Jim and Lisa. What joy she has brought into all of our lives. Love Grandpa and Grandma