Monday, October 20, 2008

Preparing for Halloween

Last week, we realized that we really didn't have a lot of 'fun' stuff to decorate for Halloween, so Daddy and Madi went on an outing to Target to see what they could find. Unfortunately they didn't have much, and Madi had her eye on this dead-looking tree with lights on it. We think she thought it was a Christmas tree. Anyway, she convinced Daddy that she really wanted this tree. It was $40! Mommy knew right away that the tree must go back. This became my opportunity to teach Madi how to bargain shop! We made a deal that if we went to another store and found stuff she liked better, we would return the tree. I also promised that after Halloween, we can go back to Target and buy the tree for half the price (if it's still there). Madi agreed to the terms of the deal, and we ended up buying four really cool things for less than the tree! We took the tree back the next day, without argument I might add:-)


Auntie D said...

I can hardly wait to see Madi in her costume. Are Daddy and Mommy going to dress up, too?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-Love your new blog for Madi. She is just too cute! Nicki Bie

Pauline Murphy said...

Madi is so adorable in her gymnastics outfit!!1