Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dream

"I had a dream about Daniel last night."

As I spoke the words to Jimmy and Madi this morning, my eyes began weeping without approval.  I finally saw my sweet son in my dreams.  Actually, I think I should refer to it as a visitation.  Then Jimmy informed me that I was giggling in my sleep. The tears became uncontrollable. I knew Daniel had been with me.

We went into the orphanage (it looked more like a hospital) looking for Charlie and came upon Daniel's familiar little face. He was in a wheelchair and his hands and feet were wrapped up in bandages. He had aged only a little, but we clearly knew it was him. As we approached him, he looked up at me and said, "Mama!"  We were so thrilled to see him and knew instantly that he would be leaving with us. I was excited to tell him that I had Juice Plus gummies for him, and he squealed with delight.

We continued looking for Charlie in the orphanage but had difficulty identifying him. I'm sure this stems from the fact that we haven't received updated photos of Charlie since November and his appearance will be somewhat of a mystery to us.  I just remember feeling so profoundly warm having found Daniel.

The dream went on for a while, but sadly, many of the details escape me now. What doesn't escape me is how I feel this morning as I reflect on what happened last night--it seemed so real. I feel as if I really saw him. I feel as if I truly had him back for a while, and it warmed my heart more than I ever imagined.


Biba said...

Spiritually, Daniel is always here......he will find Charlie for you.

Amy said...

You gave me goose-bumps. I truly believe your Daniel will always be with you & will guide you. He is grafted to your heart & soul.

A Time To Move said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this. He is going to be a wonderful little guardian angel to his new little brother, and to his big sister. Safe travels to Charlie!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why my old company is showing up when I log in...this is from me, Kristen (Amelie's mom)

Barb and Ken said...

I truly believe Daniel came to you last night. He knew you needed him. There are times in my life I feel I just can not live without Amanda. I always tap on my left shoulder for her help. It appears. Your Daniel will be your family's guardian angel until the day you each join him, many, many years from now.

Enjoy every moment of your journey to Charlie. I hope you will be blogging so I can follow it.
God bless,
Nana to five

Anonymous said...

Heartwarming! Safe travels my friend, we are praying for you! We can't wait to hear all about Shanghai Charlie.