Monday, March 21, 2011

Qian Qian

He is precious. His nickname is Qian Qian (pronounced Chien Chien), so that is what we will call him until he's comfortable adjusting to Charlie. His original nickname, given to him by Daddy months ago, is Peanut--and boy, he's living up to his name. He is definitely a peanut. At 18 months, he can't yet stand by himself because they kept them in a walker most of the time. We have a lot of work in the muscle building and fattening up department, and we look forward to watching him blossom. He is very alert and his fine motor skills seem to be great. He has a bit of a rattle in his chest but no fever, so we are going to wait before administering any medicine.

We arrived at the Ministry of Civil Affairs at around 9:00 a.m. and Charlie was a little late due to rainy weather and traffic. He didn't cry at all when they passed him to us He is mellow and much like Madi as a baby, he observes everything. He watches everything Madi does. In fact, there was another couple receiving their child at the same time. They also had a little girl from China and were there adopting a son. Both of the children were crying, and our two were just staring at them, like, "What's up with that??" All the people at Civil Affairs were notably impressed with how well Madi was taking care of her new brother. They just kept commenting on it, over and over and it made us quite proud:)

We got back to the hotel about noon, and it was time for his bottle. He woofed it down and was ready for a nap right away. He was layered in clothing, but not much by Chinese standards. The oddest thing was that his shoes were tied to his ankles very tightly. He will never experience that again in this lifetime. We put him down in the crib at 12:30 and he barely made a peep since he's used to sleeping in a crib. That's new for us! He woke up at 3:30. Jimmy is wasting no time walking him around the room. He might just be walking by the time we get home! I just tried to give him a Juice Plus gummy and he gave me the raspberries! Too cute:)

So far, so very very good. Thank you Lord.


Mo said...

...just beautiful...what a perfect family...thks andy, too for posting for us all... What a wonderful morning this is..

Scott Wintermute said...

We are sooooooo happy for you all! He is too cute. Madi is a great big sister. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We can't wait to meet Charlie!

Scott, Lynn, Jaeden, & Russell

Biba said...

Congratulations! He's darling. Looking forward to seeing him tonight - your morning (unless you manage to Skype sooner).

Give the babies kisses for us.

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful!!!! Love the pictures and the update. :)

Rog N Deege said...

Congratulations! Charlie is adorable! It is good to see you all together.

michelle said...

oh he is so precious!! Madi looks so proud. What a wonderful big sister she is!!

Ana said...

Yeah! Looking great in Shanghai. Gigi says she misses you and come back soon. 3Ds

Karen McCarthy said...

Congratulations Jim, Lisa and Madi. Charlie is so beautiful. Looking forward to more updates.


Kerianne and James Flynn said...

Great news! What a beautiful family! Congratulations all... With love, The Flynns

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Charley looks very happy in Madi's arm. Lauren and Jack asked when can we meet him! love and prayers, Bridget

Dawn said...

What a blessing to wake up this morning to see your loving family. Just had to show my kids and tell them how good God is!! Now this picture is going on my frig right next to Daniel's. I think God & Daniel found you your perfect match! Enjoy!! Dawn

Carrie said...


I CAN'T wait to hold that baby!!
You all look so happy!
God is so good!!
XXOO missing you but holding you in prayer


Anonymous said...

He is very cute.

Allison said...

Wow, Charlie is a cutie!! And Madi is so cute with him. We are so happy for all of you! We hope to meet him one day. Enjoy your time in a beautiful country.
Allison & family
P.S. When you're back in Guangzhou, go to that small amusement park in the center of town. It's a blast!

Melissa Portie said...

He is adorable!!!!!! And you and your family look so happy!!!! What a blessing!

Jennifer and Greg said...

God is so good! Praising Him for this new gift of life.

Charlie is so cute. You all look so happy and Madi sounds like the best big sister!


Jennifer and Greg Smith

Anonymous said...

Charlie is soo cute.. Congratulations and safe travels. The Bie Fam

Angel said...

Hello from MN! Congratulations!!!! The photos are all just absolutely precious! We are so HAPPY for all of you!!! Our prayers continue to be with you on your journey! Be sure to visit if you can the Aquarium in Shanghai. We were there in July and it is wonderful! Enjoy every minute!!! Blessings from all of us - Love, The Jares Family

Lisa said...

Lisa, Jimmy and Madi - we are so excited for you all. The girls send lots of hugs and kisses to Charlie and Madi! What an adventure you have been through! We are sending all our love across the miles and hope you are enjoying your new son. He is so precious - WE love you guys. You are probably sleeping, but we would love to skype. If you happen to sign on this morning, I will leave my computer on until I go to bed.
Love and kisses to you all.
Know we are with you in spirit.
Lisa, Mike, Carmelina and Sophia

The Gemma's said...

We are just elated for you guys. What a great experience. I feel like I am there with you. Much love & blessings sent to you all!

Barb and Ken said...

I am so happy for all of you. Madi just loves her baby brother. He is so beautiful. I know you are enjoying every moment. This blog is so precious for you to have.
God bless,
Nana to five