Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mass yesterday morning was even more beautiful than the last. I suppose it was because we visited this very church with Daniel last year. Mass took place in Chinese--not sure if Mandarin or Cantonese, but we followed along as best we could. A kind, elderly woman insisted that we take her seats. Charlie was mesmerized by the music and the choir. Whenever the music would start, he would get extremely relaxed, I mean like into a trance. It was so cute. Maybe he'll be a musician. Once again, a procession of little children carried up the gifts and Madi was fascinated. She was given a Holy card (in Chinese) for her scrapbook and one for Charlie too.

We spent some time in the Swan Room yesterday morning. The Swan Room is a playroom here in the hotel that is sponsored by Mattel. Some of the families from our group were there. I forgot how much fun it is. Both kids enjoyed it. Of course, Madi tried to dictate exactly what toys Charlie should be playing on and with. Charlie enjoyed playing ball the most.

We received word from a friend that another family, from Boca, is here in Guangzhou. They have adopted a precious little girl from Fuzhou after waiting for five years. We had been meaning to email them since we arrived. They happened to be in the Swan Room yesterday, and we were able to meet the newest mei mei, Horizon, to our South Florida group! We will try to spend some time with them this week.

We are just amazed by Charlie's progress. He is so sweet. We have started weaning him down from his 4 bottles of formula per day to 2. He's been eating so much at breakfast that we're afraid he'll explode! So far, he's taking the bottle weaning without a problem. I'm sure because he's getting more food in that belly!


Amy said...

I am so much enjoying keeping up on your progress! I check in every day! You are a wonderful family & you are very blessed! Good luck as your trip winds down & you head home.
(PS- we got our TA this past Thurs! :) I think we'll be leaving in early May!)

Allison said...

Sounds like you're having a great time and I love following your journey and re-living parts of my own journey there. You cannot beat that White Swan breakfast buffet! Yummy!
Love to all,

Barb and Ken said...

Love the picture you posted.
God bless,
Nana to five