Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another stable night

We are so thankful for 'uneventful'! Daniel had a quiet night. He seems to save the action for early morning. Both mornings so far, he's had blood pressure issues, which they've managed to correct with medications. He didn't produce any urine last night, so they may put him back on dialysis. A few of his labs were a little off too.

He is still squeezing away this morning and moving his lips. They will not put him back on the paralytic now unless they absolutely need to. They will work with him through sedation.

We know there are still hills to climb, but we feel so strongly that he's turned a corner. We also feel strongly that we've turned a corner--in our faith. This experience has truly transformed us. I hope someday we can share some of the grace-filled moments we've been blessed with through this experience, so many amazing people. Unexplainable events that could only be driven by the Holy Spirit.

Bubba, Grandpa and Uncle Andrew are coming today to sit with Daniel while we drive back to Delray with Madi and spend the day with her. We are so looking forward to seeing her. It feels like it's been a month.


Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING like experiencing the grace of God first truly will transform you.

We continue to pray for him daily.

Just to give you piece of mind, it has been my experience that everyone has the issues early morning..that seems to be consistent no matter what:)

All our love and prayer,
The Burden Family

Anonymous said...

I am so happy...I love you all very much. I think he has angels in the work too! Enjoy your day with Madi - oh and Jordan would like to know which princess she is today...


Mo said...

So happy for you guys, scary stuff frog. U are a rock. Youve got one hack of a guar#ian angel..probably one hundred of them. Miracles do happen. I dream of the day its all over and we can come see that cutie pie healthy and thriving with his fabulous sistdr. Love mo

Anonymous said...

Praying today for more mighty steady upward climb healing, and a wonderful day for ya'll with Maddie. You know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Kate Hillegeist and fam

Carmen said...

Come on kidneys! Just like gotcha days, we are waiting for a picture of a smiling Daniel.

Spring said...

YAY!!! We pray for continued upward progress. Still praying every day, several times a day. He will be at home again and will be a bright light in your home, along with his sister. How can he be anything else with such good role models as you? Keep strong. Lots of Love and support comming your way. God Bless. Spring

Kendra said...

Hi Lisa and Jimmy,
So glad to hear Daniel is coming along. I wanted you to know that Madi had a great day on Thur. We had music and she is my best singer and always with a smile. She is doing good so don't worry about her we are all taking care of her. It was so nice to hear your stong voice good for you keeping strong the Lord is with you all and all of my friends are still praying. See you next week Love to you all.

Tonia said...

Thank God...he is so good! Your faith has been so inspirational for me and I am sure so many other people as well. When we go through the fire he is there.... I am sure God will use Daniel and his life for big things to come! He is a blessed little boy to have such awesome parents!
Stay strong!

Melissa Portie said...

My heart is so full!!! I am so happy that Daniel is doing so well. God is Good and Faithful. Ya'll and Daniel are still in our prayers!

Jeff said...

Hey Guys -

Just a note to let you know your family at Holt put the word out about your request for prayer. My family and I will be praying for God's continued blessing and healing for Daniel - also for rest and peace for you too. We got your back in prayer...God is on the Throne.


Jeff Weinkauf

Anonymous said...

Phillipians 4:19 I will supply all your needs. We're praying hard for you and your family, have many outside of our church praying as well. God Bless