Friday, May 21, 2010

Daniel is SQUEEZING!

What unexplainable JOY we just experienced! Jimmy went in to see Daniel, and he squeezed Jimmy's finger!!! He called me in, and Daniel squeezed my finger too!! What an overwhelming moment--obviously very emotional in an awesome way. They are going to let him come off a little more, and then, they have to put Sleeping Beauty back to sleep for a while!

Rejoice, rejoice. Thank you God.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful confirmation for you! You have me in tears here! We are praying like crazy here!


Carmen said...


Oh Lisa, he must be so confused to wake up into that hospital bed. Jimmy and you are so great at cheering him on, this is the day to do it. No fears, you are in good hands little buddy.

Gloria said...

Lisa and Jim,

I know you know my prayers are with you - just didn't know how to work this BLOG thing!! I check it all day long at work and I am so proud of all of you for your strength and faith -- they'll pull you through, I know. My love and prayers are with you.

Aunt Gloria

Spring said...

My eyes are filled with tears of joy. I can hardly see to type. Congratulations Daniel. Keep up the good work. Lots of wonderful people are pulling for you. God is good. Well not just good, God is Great, Wonderful, Awesome... Thank you for your most perfect gifts.

Jennifer and Greg said...

Tears are flowing here too!

Thank you for sharing such great news. You just made my day.

Go Daniel Go!


Karen said...

What unbelievable news. We are so happy to hear that. Daniel certainly is a fighter. We continue to keep him and all of you in our prayers.

Karen and Bill

Carrie said...

A big high five for Daniel. Praise God for this news. Thanks Lisa I know it is hard to live it all twice by writing but you have no idea how we want to know.
Love you guys,

michelle said...

Such joy!!!! That must've been one of the best moments of your lives. Years from now, you'll tell him the story of when he squeezed your fingers....Such joy. Yay Daniel!!!!

Tonia said...

I just got back from being away for a night and could hardly wait to check your blog...I am thrilled with the good news. Keep strong! He needs you! We will continue our prayers!!!