Friday, May 28, 2010


Praise the Lord for those sweet words coming out of our night nurse's mouth! Daniel had a "beautiful night". The plasma exchange seems to be working. He is outputting a lot of urine since the treatment, and hopefully, the quality of the urine will be improved. Onward to lung function. The secretions in his chest are lessening. The next goal will be to get him off the oscillating ventilator. They had increased his support in the last few days with the big changes like closing his chest. Now that he's more stable, they will begin slowly weaning him again to make sure his lungs can handle it. We are also told that time is needed for Daniel's blood pressures to stabilize. We have all the time in the world to wait for our precious boy's body to heal:-)


Andrew said...

Alright, THAT'S what I am talkin' about!

Anonymous said...

We are all so proud of Daniel. What a great day!!! Amy

Emily said...

Love it- love it! Keep those beautiful words coming! Em and fam

Lisa Shaheen said...

Hi Guys,
I am breathing better now! Thank you for letting me spend the day with him yesterday. It was such a treat for me to hold his hand, and give him a mini massage!
Give him all our love and keep sending the good news.
Love you Lisa

Ana said...

Great news!!! 3Ds

Mo said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful and more beautiful...bring it on

Tabitha said...

best news...go daniel go!
so good seeing you both yesterday and madi's smiling face!
love, tabi and family

karen said...

So glad to read this. Keep up the good work Daniel. You are in our thoughts.

Karen and Bill

Tonia said...

What wonderful news!!!! Keep the good news coming you all are in our prayers and so many more!!!! So happy to hear you got to spend the day with special for her!

Carmen said...

Hope he has a Gorgeous night tonite !!

Love you guys