Monday, May 17, 2010


As I write, the doctors are ramping up for some surgical procedures on Daniel. After negotiations between the Nephrology team and the Surgical team, they have decided to utilize the ECMO machine for his kidney dialysis, since the lines are already set up. They have also decided to insert a catheter into his abdomen for the purpose of draining fluid and to use in the event of another dialysis option. They are also going to change some lines to his heart.

Hang in there, buddy. Hang in there.


Carmen said...


Does that mean they are disconnecting him from the ECMO to use it for dialysis. Are we back to today's original plan, plan A ?

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jimmy,

I am thinking of you daily and my prayers are with you! Thank you for the updates. I am anxiously awaiting each day for Daniel's progress. Continue to stay strong and Trust God!
Love, Bridget

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa and Jimmy,
Thank you so much for the updates. I am going to my bible study tonight and we will pray for little Daniel. I will take care of Madi at school tomorrow and make sure she is okay. We have a fun day planned and we will read the Rainbow Fish and make a craft to go with it. Just thought you might want to know what she will be doing at school. Please know that we are all praying for you all and Daniel. A group at church made a little prayer blanket for Daniel, I will give it to your mom tomorrow. Love to you and please give Daniel a kiss for me.

Ana said...

Hang in there little Daniel! There's nothing you can't handle especially with your family around. Thank you for the update. 3Ds

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jimmy,

Jenny Smith passed your blog address on to her bible study sisters, a group of women who have prayed me out of more than one storm! It will be our privilige to lift you all up in prayer as well. Praying for a miracle!

God bless Daniel and your family!


Four Gems said...

Oh my...what a journey for you guys. The Gemma's are praying for you Daniel. Hang in there buddy. You too mommy & daddy! Love you guys.

Karen said...

Lisa and Jimmy,
We continue to pray for Daniel and keep all of you in our thoughts daily. He is a fighter and will be home before you know it. Stay Strong. Thank you for the updates.

Love, Karen and Bill McCarthy

JT and Angie said...

Lisa and Jimmy,

I am a friend of Jenny Smith's as well. Please know that I am praying for your sweet boy! I pray that God will heal his body and give you two strength and peace as you wait expectantly for God's miracles!

In Christ,
Angie Thomas