Friday, May 21, 2010

Praising the Lord for a quiet night

We had a feeling last night would be uneventful in a good way. Last night was an important night for Daniel to rest and us too!

He was stable throughout the night! His night nurse also reported that he responded to the flashlight when she checked his eyes and he moved one of his feet, which indicates that the paralytic was finally processing out of his system. For his safety, they began to administer the drug again. This morning he is having some blood pressure swings, but that is normal during this time, so they will tweak medications. We haven't been able to find out about his lab results yet but we should know more this morning, so I will post again.

Thanks be to God!


Sammy Pajammy said...

We hope you had good nights rest and are ready to take on the day!! May the news continue to get better! Much love, Wendy

Carmen said...

What great news to wake up to! Looking forward to hear about lab results. Go Daniel !

Tabitha said...

Yes, great news this morning! We pray for more good news and lab results. You are constantly in our thoughts.
The Robbins Family