Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High Tea with Bubba

Bubba and Grandpa have been a Godsend down here. Bubba's been keeping Madi so busy that she is still saying, "Daniel is going to have heart surgery." It is so comforting to know that she's in such good hands, and she's so happy, that we don't need to worry about her for one minute.
One of Madi's recent wishes was to go to a tea house and have a real tea party. Last week (or maybe it was the week before), Bubba granted Madi's wish and took her for high tea.

On the way to the tea house, Madi declared that she was going to use her best manners--and that she did! When she arrived, the staff members took her back and adorned her with a hat, boa, purse and wand. She sipped tea with her pinky up and then sat back letting out a big sigh. She looked at the centerpiece on the table and commented, "Bubba, isn't it just beautiful?" After observing their fancy surroundings and taking it all in, she said in an annoyed tone, "Bubba, didn't you think the tea house would be more quiet?!"


Ana said...

Madi---you are the fanciest! Keep on sipping, girlie! Gigi :)

Renee G. said...


Carmen said...

Bubba and Madie are having some big fun. where is this place? Ami would love a real tea party.

michelle said...

What a beautiful posting!! Madi looks so happy. And we saw her today with Kerry and her daughters! Madi was all smiles and having so much fun running through the splash park. It was so wonderful to see her. And we are of course thrilled to know that Daniel's chest is successfully closed!! sending much love...

Kendra said...

Dear Lisa and Jimmy,
Sorry I didn't update you on Madi on Tues. She had another great day, I am going to miss her so much and all the children. This class has been a great group.
On Tues. we had practice for our program (tomorrow) and had pizza for our snack. We cleaned out the cubbies and took everything home. Tomorrow the children will bring home a special memory book from the year. I look forward to see you both and get an update on Daniel.