Monday, May 24, 2010

Side Steps Today

Today is about side steps. Daniel's swelling is going down, and he has put out a little urine today, thank God. The doctors have decided not to close his chest until they work on a couple of things. Daniel's diastolic pressure is up, and they need to find out why. They can't control this with medication without jeopardizing his kidneys, which they are not willing to do right now. They are also concerned about his platelet levels being low. They are going to do an echocardiogram today to take a closer look at his heart function and will aim for closing him tomorrow IF everything checks out okay.

Thank you for helping us stay strong. We pray that God will continue working miracles in Daniel's little body.


Anonymous said...

.. one day at a time. You are all doing it! Hugs, love, prayers
Give him a squeeze for us!

Karyn and Alex

michelle said...

we are thinking of you all nonstop...sending love and support!

Ana said...

We know Daniel can do it! 3Ds

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the blog every day Lisa! I am following along and praying with you every day.
---Allison & family

amy said...

Stay strong in your believe and you faith. Daniel has been blessed with wonderful parents!!

Anonymous said...

We think about you all so much and I check your blog all day long.....keep strong, you are all amazing and God knows this. We are having our small group tonight (bibale study)I will share Daniel's progress and ask for continued prayers for him and you all. Stay strong and keep your eyes on God...HE CAN DO MIRACLES!!!!

Carmen said...


Remember how to eat an elephant, one small bite at a time.

I am praying for you today. Hang in there !

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers this evening and we look forward to good news in the morning. Hugs, Haukland's