Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday morning

The Holy Spirit sent us a spontaneous message to drive home to Delray yesterday at around 4:00pm. Daniel had a stable day, and we really wanted to see Madi. We feel like she's beginning to need us more and more though she's doing so fine with Bubba and Grandpa keeping her busy.

We had a pizza party, and I slept with Madi in her bed. We tried to do a sleepover in our room, but she loves her bed so much that she decided we should move. It was great to see her and cuddle with her again. We drove back to Miami this morning. We knew it must have been a quiet night, because our phones did not ring, but I still find myself holding my breath when we come back. Those are good moments for burying my thoughts in prayer to relax my anxiety.

Today, Daniel's temperature is actually low and they are warming him. I think he is happy that we are back. He is still moving quite a bit and looking around. He is still on dialysis. We are waiting for the doctors to make their mid-morning rounds so we can find out what's happening in detail, but his nurse says that he had a quiet night.

Aunt Kathy is flying in this morning! It will be so comforting to see her. There is nothing better than being surrounded by family, friends, and the love of God:)

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Ana said...

Sounds like Daniel is on his way to recovery. Yay!!! 3Ds